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From a very young age, I was a gamer of all kinds. Video games, board games, and computer games, you name it. When I turned 21, my friends took me to celebrate my adulthood in a casino. I was impressed with everything.

The lights, the number of games of all kinds, and of course, all the people sharing and having fun captivated me.

When it was my turn to play for the first time, it was an experience. Not only because I had no idea how it worked, but I found it extremely fascinating.

Even though I lost some money that night, my life changed forever. I started to go more often with my friends to continue learning how to use slot machines. That’s how it was while I was getting more experienced.

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Then, many online casinos started to become popular and I followed this trend. This time, instead of travelling to the city’s casino, I could go online at any time from the comfort of my home and play.

Thanks to the ease of connecting at any time from my home, I learned to use the slot machines and know the great variety that exists a lot faster. I quickly became a master. My friends asked me for advice on how to use them.

My guides became so popular among my friends that soon enough the news began to spread. Not only did my friends ask me for tips, but people on the Internet I didn’t know asked for advice as well. My name is Anna R. Martino and this is why I decided to start Tommy Gun’s Speakeasy Lounge, a blog to share what I know about slot machines. Here you can read the best slot machine reviews, tips, and articles about my favourite slot machines.