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Enjoy this list with some of the best websites, online magazines, YouTube channels, and more. They will help you complement the information published in this blog. You can also learn new strategies to improve your slot machine skills.

Gambling Sites

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On this professional website, you will find the best strategies to win on slot machines. You will also find specialized guides for other types of games.

NG Slot

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In this YouTube channel, you will find the experiences lived by a slot machine player in different parts of the world.


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In the Study, you will find lessons taught by slot machine technicians. They will teach you everything you need to know about these machines. You will be able to complete a training program and catch up on new machines. You will also receive a certificate.

Totally Gaming Academy

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At Totally Gaming Academy, you will learn during three days of intense practical learning. You will find the best strategies to develop your slot machine skills and knowledge. Every day you will learn new terminology and theories.

Casino Center

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At Casino Center, you can read the number 1 online magazine in the United States about slot machines. You’ll read interesting and fun articles and tips to be a slot machine master.

Casino Journal

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This online magazine brings you reviews about the new slot machines in the market and the most popular ones in the world. You will read reports and news highlights on this topic. You will learn new practices designed to improve performance.