The Most Popular Slots of All Time (part 1)

The Most Popular Slots of All Time (part 1)

Slot machines have been around since the end of the 1900s, and we can say they carved the casino industry as a whole. Throughout the decades, slots changed, but some of them remained a huge mark in the history of gambling. Now let’s have a look at the most popular slots of all time.

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is the first slot machine that ever found its way to our list. It was invented and designed by mechanic Charles Fey, in the late 19th century. Metal Freedom was a great symbol – when all three metals come together, the machine costs 50 cents. Compare that to modern online spaces! Spaces went a long way before they became what we know and play today.

Lion’s Share

At first glance, and without knowing its history, no one would understand why this 3-wheeled slot, with only one cable, received so much attention. This is one of the oldest places from Microgaming, and it got attention because of its ongoing jackpot. The word spread that the progressive jackpot had not been hit in 20 years! People are crazy to think that of all the gamblers, they will be the ones to win the jackpot. It became very popular that gamblers lined up just to get a chance to play this slot in Las Vegas! In the end, one couple won the ongoing $ 2.4 million jackpot. Soon after, the game retired because it required a lot of attention, and after the news of the progressive jackpot was released, interest dropped.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune 1024x576 - The Most Popular Slots of All Time (part 1)

Wheel of Fortune deserves to be loved in this real lucky game everyone watched in the 90s. There are different variations of this slot, but the most popular is the three-wheeled machine, with colored wheels at the top. Perhaps the most interesting, though not the most popular version of this slot, is the repetition game where every player gets his or her screen and plays the bonus together.

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