Top three best football themed online slots

Top three best football themed online slots

Football is a popular game with more than 3.5 billion fans all over the world. Playing it online is also an amazing thing to its fans. So, there are many great football themed online slots that you can give a try. Here are top three among these slots.

Champions cup

There is no surprise that most game developers launch their games before the onset of certain sporting events. For example, developed by NetEnt, the Champion cup became effective just prior to the UEFA championships began. If that was not enough, the game was upgraded again in 2018, when the FIFA World Cup was going to take place in Russia.

In terms of paylines, rows, and reels, the Champion cup offers 20 and 3,5, respectively. Moreover, its RTP is about 96.82 percent, translating to 20 euros to 1,100 euros each spin.

Champion’s goal

Champions goal - Top three best football themed online slots

If you are looking for a football-themed online slot that will offer you a background atmosphere, which makes you feel like being at an actual football stadium, Champion’s goal developed by Elk studio is the best option for you. With impressive features, it quickly becomes a top preference for many players. It has 20 paylines, 5 reels, and a good RTP of about 95.7 percent.

In addition, it allows players to choose two players, such as a blue and a red player. Other things that make it stand out are free spins, sticky wilds, Spurting victories, and scatter symbols.

Football star

This game was launched in 2014 when the build-up to FIFA World Cup 2014 was taking place. Thanks to its unique graphics and gameplay, it’s an exciting game for most online gamers. Those who are looking for an online slot game that provides a variety of ways to win should give Football star a try.

It is also one of the favorite slots for those who enjoy checking best odds sider when analyzing different slots. Its Return to Player is about 96.42 percent and also offers fantastic bonuses.

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